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Plastic Flushing Cisterns

  • , &   Flushing cisterns are made of Polymer.
  • Fitted with 100 % problem free mechanism.
  • Specially designed Inlet valve to withstand high water pressure.
  • Carries 5 Years comprehensive warranty.
  • The Internal fittings consist of sub-assemblies:

    a) Equilibrium type inlet valve: It can withstand water pressure beyond 11.5 kgs/cm2 and hence is ideally suited for high rise buildings.

    b) Flush Valve: It works on the force of buoyancy created by thermocoal float to keep the discharge orifice open while flushing is initiated.

    c) Flushing Mechanism: Flushing in all models can be initiated to start and stop at will.

    d) Over-flow assembly: This provision can also be interchanged as water inlet depending upon the location of the water pipe line.

    e) Conceptual / Functional claims: A water saving  device due to :

    • Cistern capable of operating at different water levels
    • Flushing can be stopped abruptly at any time while discharging water.

  • Prompt after sales service.
  • is available in Dual flush & Side handle models.
  • & are available in side handle models.
  • All cisterns are available in mid level and high level against specific orders..


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